• Air Rage Tribe

    A Chinese airline has introduced Kung Fu training for their staff after a series of attacks on air stewards.

    Hong Kong Airlines said that they will teach their cabin crews wing chun, a form of Kung Fu after they experienced on average three attacks per week, reported. Attacks have been reported at airports across the country as they struggle to maintain flight times.

    Frustrated passengers have taken their anger out on airport staff and cabin crew after a summer of delays. The staff have even invented a new phrase to describe the irate passengers, ‘king nu zu’, which translates as ‘air rage tribe’, reported The Telegraph.

    There have been at least eight protests at departure gates in two months. More than 30 passengers stormed security and ran onto the runway on July 18 after bad weather caused seven hours of delays.

    In another incident, two airport staff were injured when a passenger attempted to rip off an attendant’s name badge. One of the injured staff members said: ‘The passengers were very emotional and unstable.

    A primary teacher, Liu Weiwei, also reportedly lost control in June, when her flight from Wenzhou to Beijing was cancelled. She slapped and kicked an Air China attendant. She said the reason she did it was that no one offered her any refreshments.

    Sudden air traffic flowing into air ways that are controlled by the Army is one of the reasons for the issue. This is aggravated when bad weather forces airlines to delay or cancel flights.

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