• like the beautiful sunset farewell

    In the fall, as the saying goes, the autumnal equinox Autumnal Equinox Day and night equally, the cool morning, beautiful sunset, hot weather to decrease temperature, high Qishuang not boring, it gives people the feeling of autumn is desolate desolate, because a year in spring and summer gives people the feeling is vigorous and warm, and autumn is the season of harvest, the sense that gives a person is the end and the end point, especially in autumn dusk is lets the men of literature and writing pen not lag, are often described with several sad taste, so, the men of literature and writing describe autumn is a sad feeling, in fact, we don't say features fall season the autumn evening, I think is very beautiful, I have on other prose, the autumn evening writing is elegant and beautiful, but today, I was going to autumn evening praise.reenex


    Autumn dusk, the setting sun enveloped before harvest scene, you look like the blood of the sunset, she has everything to be harvested, originally shy sorghum has been sun drunk color, soybean in the sunset under the more mature and expansive patronage, jade green leaves more thick, plump pods is bright yellow, corn is in the autumn evening turned nurse exposed under the golden teeth, white coat, green slender leaves swaying in the dusk, cool wind, as if in like spring and summer evening show off her mature like, look at that lake, also more than in spring and summer Lake cold, swept away the spring summer turmoil and arrogant, even the fish also appears quiet indifferent, living a life of ease and leisure; shore against combing, autumn sunset with some of the vicissitudes of life, green hair also exposed a few silk yellow green color; who will be south of the birds circling in the sunset, sunset dyed their wings, like the beautiful sunset farewell, and be reluctant to part with the freenex eelings of.


    The autumn chrysanthemum is the protagonist, especially in the twilight of chrysanthemum, you see they welcome the frost, for autumn chill and old-fashioned indifferent in the face, in the nourishment of red Sihuo, yellow like gold, also white with a golden, swinging in the wind, and emitting a faint fragrance, like in the spring booming, warm summer publicity of their personality,


    Winter dusk not than the spring flowers, summer and autumn, mature, but her vast beauty of amazin>Picosecondp

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